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Mr. Harvey Malino has more than 40 years of experience in the Chemical and Hydrocarbon Processing Industries. During his 28 years with Union Carbide Corporation/UOP, he held both technical and commercial positions including World Wide Sales Manager for the Gas Processing Business Group. Mr. Malino has lived and worked in New Hampshire, Maine, New York, Singapore and Chicago. He is currently based in Charleston, South Carolina where he runs his own consulting business, Exact Differentials LLC and provides technical, marketing and licensing expertise to the natural gas and oil industry. Mr. Malino is a registered Professional Engineer in the State of New Hampshire. He is a Senior Member of the Advisory Board of the Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference in Norman, OK. Mr. Malino earned an M.B.A from Pace University in New York, a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the City College of New York; and, is an alumnus of Brooklyn Technical High School.

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Benefits of Standby Time in Adsorption Dehydration Process

Molecular sieves are used upstream of turboexpander units and LNG facilities to dehydrate natural gas to <0.1 ppmv water content.   In the natural gas industry, the molecular sieves employ heat to drive off the adsorbed water.  Figure 1 shows a typical flow schematic for a 2 tower system; Figure 2 shows a 3 tower system.Continue Reading

How to Regenerate Adsorption Tower Effectively?

In this Tip of the Month, we will explore the regeneration of molecular sieve dehydrators. Can you save energy by ending the heating cycle when the regeneration outlet temperature reaches approximately 90% of the regeneration inlet heating temperature? Frequent readers of the Tip of the Month surely know the answer: it depends! But on whatContinue Reading

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