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John M. Campbell & Co. Books

John M. Campbell & Co. textbooks and software are the standard reference material for many engineers in the oil and gas industry. We sell the same textbooks and software we use to teach our courses. John M. Campbell & Co. has been publishing textbooks about gas conditioning and processing for over 25 years.

GCAP V. 1 - The Basic Principles

This book adresses gas processing overview; physical properties; phase behavior; water-hydrocarbon equilibrium; hydrates; material and energy balances; flow of fluids; process control; and relief and flare systems.
The Basic Principles is one of a four volume series and has been published for the natural gas processing industry for over 25 years. This edition has been edited to reflect continuing changes in technology and the manner in which it is practiced. This book is one of the textbooks used as part of our “Campbell Gas Course”.

9th Edition
1st Printing, January 2014
165 USD


GCAP V. 2 - The Equipment Modules

The Equipment Modules is a continuation of the material presented in The Basic Principles. This edition includes information for applying today’s technology and the current business requirements to selecting and operating gas processing and production facilities.
This book aids in decisions relating to separation; heat transfer; pumps; compressors; refrigeration; fractionation and absorption; glycol and solid bed dehydration; and gas treating and sulfur recovery. This book is one of the textbooks used as part of our “Campbell Gas Course”.

9th Edition
1st Printing, January 2014
165 USD


GCAP V. 4 - Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery

Gas Treating and Sulfur Recovery concentrates on problems associated with treating and removing H2S, CO2 and sulfur compounds often associated with natural gas production. A detailed view of commercial amine type processes; carbonate processes; physical absorption methods; solid bed sweetening; sulfur production; tail gas conditioning is presented.

4th Edition
2nd Printing, May 2006
165 USD


Applied Water Technology

This book focuses on water handling and disposal problems for produced water associated with natural gas and oil production. The subjects covered include: Water sampling and analysis; water formed scales; corrosion control; microbiology; water processing equipment; water injection system; water treatment for EOR; boiler water and cooling water treatment.

3rd Edition
1st Printing, January 2007
Author: Charles C. Patton
Edited by: Alan Foster
165 USD



Refinery Process Modeling

A practical guide to Steady State Modeling of Petroleum Processes.
135 USD

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