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GCAP Software

Every engineer’s daily routine requires him to give quick checks and quick ideas for very complicated calculations. John M. Campbell & Co.'s solution: GCAP. This software companion to volumes 1 and 2 of our “Gas Conditioning and Processing” series is based on the equations and correlations referenced in our textbooks.


GCAP 9th Edition Vol. 1 (Version 2.1)

This software is a companion to Volumes 1 only of our Gas Conditioning and Processing series it is based on the equations and correlations referenced in the textbook.

The buyer and seller mutually agree that although the disks ordered become the property of the buyer, the programs contained thereon remain the exclusive property of the seller.

GCAP™ 9th Edition Volume 1 is $345 for an Unlimited Single User License.


GCAP 9th Edition Vol. 1 and 2 (Version 2.1)

This software is designed to aid the facilities engineer, process engineer, and manager with a quick review of detailed calculations done by someone else to check for accuracy. It is not designed to replace process simulators or equipment manufacturer’s verification.

This software references the latest edition of Volumes 1 and 2. If you do not have the latest editions through attendance at a John M. Campbell & Co. course or by separate purchase, it is recommended that they be ordered with the software.

What is new in Version 2? New Chapters 1,2,10, and 19 have been added. Also, additional features have been added for Chapters 5,6,7,8,17, and 18.

So the next time someone asks you, "Is this separator properly sized?", amaze your manager by using GCAP™.

GCAP™ 9th Edition Volumes 1 and 2 is $595 for an Unlimited Single User License.


GCAP 8th Edition Vol. 1 and 2

If you have purchased or received GCAP™ 8th Edition Volume 1 only, you can purchase the upgrade to Volume 1 & 2 for $250.

Trial Download
To download the 90 day trial version of our GCAP™ Software, select one of the following two options. Once you have downloaded/saved the file(s) listed below into a temporary folder then run the “setup.exe” program from the temporary folder.

During the installation of GCAP™, if you receive an error that this software has not passed Windows Logo testing, or that it has a certificate error, you may press "Continue Anyway"


9th Edition - Version 2.1 - For one file download click here(14.0 MB)


9th Edition - Version 1 - For one file download click here(13.0 MB)


8th Edition - For one file download click here(12.6 MB)

For installation instructions, please click here or for Version 2 instructions, click here.

For any questions regarding your order, please contact us at 405-321-1383.