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About John M. Campbell | PetroSkills

John M. Campbell | PetroSkills is one of the most distinguished providers of facilities training in the oil and gas industry. Since 1968 John M. Campbell & Co. has been building our reputation with our "Gas Conditioning and Processing" course also known as “The Campbell Gas Course ” or the “Campbell G4”. As demand for highly skilled employees in the petroleum industry grows, we have expanded our training curriculum to include the whole stream of skills needed from well-head to the finished product.

We still teach the G4 Campbell Gas Course and it is more popular than ever. This course and all of our courses are updated continuously to incorporate the latest developments in the fast moving oil and gas industry.

In 2003, John M. Campbell & Co. was asked to manage facilities training within the PetroSkills Alliance. PetroSkills is much more than oil and gas training courses. PetroSkills engages its member companies in certifying the quality and relevance of all the courses we teach. The PetroSkills concept starts with Competency Analysis for individuals and companies, matching the discovered gaps in skill and knowledge with the training courses designed to fill those gaps. In 2012, John M. Campbell & Co. was acquired by PetroSkills, an integration that enables us to offer the oil and gas industry unmatched breadth and depth of technical expertise.

Our instructors have real world experience and an average of 30 years experience in the industry. John M. Campbell | PetroSkills petroleum training courses are held all over the world and can even be brought to your front door and customized for your companies training goals if you choose to participate in our in-house courses.

John M. Campbell | PetroSkillsalso offers:

  • Oil and Gas Engineering Consulting with customized teaching materials, course development, and competency managementat .
  • Books and Software that can be purchased individually.


If you have any questions or would like to receive additional information, please contact us at JMCSupport@jmcampbell.com. You can also subscribe to our “Campbell Tip of the Month” and receive our monthly technical paper delivered directly to your inbox.