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Petroleum Engineering Courses

John M Campbell & Co has been providing continuing education to engineering professionals in the oil and gas industry for 40 years. We know that a degree in engineering provides crucial education for a career in the petroleum industry but getting the hands-on experience takes time. Our courses can accelerate the learning curve by using the knowledge and experience of seasoned industry professionals to supplement college education.

Our course instructors are industry experts who average a minimum 15 years of field experience. They are able to combine their technical expertise with the physical applications and personal stories to transmit knowledge. Our instructors may have retired from their respective petroleum employers but by teaching the next generation of petroleum engineering professionals, they are continuing to contribute to the industry that built their careers.

All course materials were developed by our engineering experts. And through our relationship with the PetroSkills Alliance, course materials are regularly reviewed and approved by company experts. John M Campbell & Co offers a wide range of courses that focus on the Facilities/Downstream portion of the oil and gas industry. Our course disciplines include: Gas Processing, Pipeline, Production Facilities, Water and Corrosion, Mechanical, Offshore, Electrical and Instrumentation Control, Refining, Operations Management, Supply Chain, and Reliability Engineering.   Every discipline provides valuable training but our most popular course which is the course the company was founded on is Gas Conditioning and Processing or the Campbell Course.  Over the past 40 years, the Campbell course has been updated repeatedly to stay on top of the current trends in the oil and gas industry. More than 40,000 petroleum engineering professionals have attended this course and have been able to apply their learning immediately to the job.

Many of our courses are ideal for individuals beginning employment in the petroleum industry while many others are designed for experienced personnel who desire continuing education to accelerate their career path.  We also provide courses of a less technical nature that allows non-engineering staff to gain basic understanding of the petroleum industry.

John M Campbell & Co understand the shortage of experienced engineering staff causes strain within the world’s petroleum companies which is why our courses are designed to build upon previous education. We provide courses that are deeply technical, interactive, and facilitated by experts with hands-on field experience.

By continuing to develop our courses, hiring qualified instructors, and having frequent and convenient public training sessions, John M Campbell & Co plans to be the premier provider or Facilities/Downstream training worldwide.

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