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Operations & Maintenance Training

PetroSkills training has long been providing Operations & Maintenance Training to major oil and gas companies worldwide. Because we stress fundamentals and understanding over rote procedures, our courses have been called "engineering courses for operators.

We still offer Operations & Maintenance Training that is fully customized to your location, (for more information about in-house Operations & Maintenance Training please contact jmcsupport@jmcampbell.com)

For more information about these Operations & Maintenance courses, or to register, please choose from the titles listed below.

Level: Basic
OT-1 Oil and Gas Processing Facilities for Operations & Maintenance
OM-21 Applied Maintenance Management
OM-23 Essential Leadership Skills for Technical Professionals

Level: Foundation
OT-3 Gas Production / Processing for Operations & Maintenance
OT-41 Gas Dehydration and Amine Sweetening for Operations & Maintenance
OT-42 NGL Fractionation & Cryogenic NGL Recover for Operations & Maintenance
OT-43 LNG Facilities for Operations & Maintenance
OT-50 Crude Oil Pipeline Operations
PS-2 Process Safety Overview - Non-Technical
OM-41 Maintenance Planning and Work Control

Level: Intermediate
TSOM - Turnaround, Shutdown and Outage Management