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Oil and Gas Training, John M. Campbell | PetroSkills offers oil and gas facilities training across the globe.

Oil and Gas Facility Training

John M Campbell | PetroSkills is one of the most distinguished providers of facilities training in the oil and gas industry.  We understand the shortage of experienced engineering staff causes strain on the world’s petroleum companies which is why our courses are designed to accelerate the transition from new hire to fully functioning team member within the oil and gas industry. We provide the Know-how for the new crew.

John M Campbell & Co helps ease the burden by providing training courses that are deeply technical, interactive, and facilitated by industry experts with hands-on field experience. Courses are offered in our various disciplines: Gas Processing, Pipeline, Production Facilities, Water and Corrosion, Mechanical, Offshore, Electrical and Instrumentation Control, Refining, Operations Management, Supply Chain, and Reliability Engineering.  As a member of the PetroSkills Alliance, John M Campbell & Company is able to engage member companies in certifying the quality and relevance of all the courses we teach. This keeps course materials current, relevant, and industry approved. 

Oil and Gas Training is held throughout the world. Primary locations for publicly offered courses are Houston, Orlando, London, Stavanger, Perth, and Kuala Lumpur.  The duration of most training on specific topics range 3-5 days. However our more comprehensive, overview courses can last up to 10 days.  Among these broader-topic courses are Gas Conditioning and Processing, Oil Production and Processing Facilities, Fundamentals of Offshore Facilities Design and Construction, and Fundamentals of Onshore and Offshore Pipeline Systems.

Please refer to the current training schedule for all upcoming courses for more locations and dates.

A wide selection of courses can be customized and held at location to satisfy the training needs of any organization within the oil and gas industry. Courses held in-house allow for maximum efficiency with minimum expenses. By training a group in-house, employee travel expenses are eliminated and the group gains camaraderie by learning together.

Knowing that training needs exist does not always reveal what training is needed. PetroSkills created a Competency Analysis Tool (CAT) for individuals and companies.  CAT discovers the gaps in skill and knowledge and matches the gaps with the training courses designed to fill those gaps.

Additionally, John M. Campbell offers:

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