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IPD Individualized Professional Development

Training needs to go beyond the classroom.
The question is, who has the time to do the mentoring and coaching?

JMC can develop a modularized training/mentoring program individually suited to your needs.  Whether in your location (anywhere in the World) or our offices in Houston or Norman, we will focus on meeting your workforce development particulars:  Here are some of the programs we have developed for clients:

  • Angola – modular cycles combining on-site classroom training with individualized mentoring for new National engineers;  repeated annually, 27 weeks in length.
  • Saudi Arabia – Custom, well-rounded program for incoming gas process engineers; repeated annually, 13 weeks in length.
  • NOC in SE Asia – Competency program implementation assistance and custom modular training to address most needed competencies.
  • Major International Operator – Modular, competency-based engineering training  program, scalable to multiple locations.

JMC follows a 4 step plan to design and implement your cost effective program:

  • Assessment – JMC development experts will come to your location(s) and through interviews and questionnaires determine what kind of workforce development approach would meet your needs.
  • Planning – Using JMC’s extensive modular skills library, we will draft a plan for you to work with and determine what will work best in your circumstances.  This plan will be vetted by your key supervisors and managers and scheduled to fit local conditions.
  • Implementation – Getting the program started may be in phases/adjustments, or go ahead.  Programs feature you actual company competencies and projects with clear learning objectives.
  • Evaluation – How much do the participants really get, retain, and apply to their work?  JMC can develop pre/post tests, competency development, or OJT performance.  These can be tied to your competency expectations, which we will work out in the Assessment step.