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Facilities Engineering Training

The oil and gas industry is constantly changing and growing. Opportunities for advancement abound but the skills necessary to be successful in management are often beyond the original engineering knowledge. Managers and supervisors have to be good leaders, knowledgeable in a broad range of disciplines, and able to develop their workforce.

The development of leadership skills is the purpose of our Operations Management (OM) discipline. While John M Campbell & Company is the exclusive provider of Facilities Training for PetroSkills, we believe that our Operations Management training classes are appropriate for all aspects of the oil and gas industry, not just the facilities side.

The development of skills and increased competency is the goal of OM to promote individual success in the following key areas:

  • Maintenance Management, Planning & Work Control
  • Project Management
  • Managing Turnarounds
  • Organizational Development
  • Warehouse Operations
  • Production Operations
  • Leadership & Team Building


To accelerate the learning curve, participants can utilize the Competency Analysis Tool (CAT) to determine areas that need development as well as actively engaging our experience instructors in discussions for advice.

Training courses available in the Operations Management discipline include:

OM-21 Applied Maintenance Management  provides essential knowledge required for achieving excellence in maintenance management. All participants will engage in a pre and a post training self-assessment. This assists in showing personal development and builds confidence for improved work performance after the training.

OM-22 Project Management for Engineering and Construction includes a comprehensive presentation and discussion of modern project management principles and practices to help the project manager make the best decisions possible. The use of individual and group activities allows participants to develop decision making and team work skills.

OM-23 Essential Leadership Skills provides training to help you unleash natural motivation in your team while lowering your stress level by working more efficiently and effectively by tapping the emotional intelligence of your team.  In addition to lecture and discussion, participants will also engage in role-playing and create personal action plans.

OM-41 Maintenance Planning and Work Control  is designed to build competency in Work Control as a primary skill set in the Competency Map for Facilities Maintenance Management with a pre and post self-assessment used to measure improvement.  It will focus on the six phases of work management: work identification, planning, prioritization, scheduling, execution and history capture.

OM-42 Managing Brownfield Projects is designed to teach skills to better plan and manage projects in existing facilities, including process shutdown, contractor management, commissioning and start up

Further skill development can be found in our Procurement/Supply Chain Management classes and the growing field of Reliability Engineering.

For more information on the dates and locations for upcoming courses in the Operations Management discipline or any of our other disciples, please refer to our training schedule.