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GCAP Mobile

GCAP Mobile provides facilities engineers with an easy-to-use interface for common calculations they may need on the job. Calculations currently available with GCAP Mobile:

  • Calculate Barrels of Oil Equivalent for gas reservoir
  • Change temperature in degrees F to C and back
  • Change pressure in Bar to PSI to kPa and back
  • Change Standard cubic feet of gas to standard cubic meters of gas and reverse

GCAP Mobile also features the John M. Campbell & Co. 2010 Facilities Training Guide, so you can research training on-the-go.

Download GCAP Mobile from the iTunes store now!


Coming soon!

The following calculations will be available in future versions of GCAP Mobile:

  • Calculate Gross heating value from MW
  • Calculate dry gas pressure drop in pipeline
  • Calculate total energy from a tanker of LNG
  • Simple calculation of gas capacity for a separator (d, mw,P, T, ks)
  • Water content in a gas at T & P
  • Hydrate formation T for a gas
  • Maximum pressure drop across a choke without forming hydrates
  • Liquid residence time in a separator
  • Calculate total revenue from a production facility
  • Calculate GPM of a gas

If you are experiencing problems with the GCAP Mobile application, please contact us at: info@jmcampbell.com or by phone at 405-321-1383.

Thank you, and we apologize for any inconvenience.